Lancia Period

AUTOTEHNICA was the unbeatable team from 1996-2001, we have been champions at every Group we participated.We also won several times the absolute National title in Hill Climbing

From 2002 we renounce at the ideea of a multiple drivers team due to financial dificults and we continued with only one car and one driver that always owned the supreme title.

We won again the National Absolut title in 2003 with Mr. Paul Andronic that also won that year the title of Best Motorsport Sportsman along with Mr. Mihai Leu.

In 2004 Mr. Paul Andronic was stoped due to an race accident at the race in Voineasa. Due to this accident and financial difficulties we decided to participle only at a few races a year.

2007 Was the year of updating our Lancia Delta Integrale and rebuild our confidence. We updated engine, suspension, ECU, body.

2008 Was the year of testing the work we have done in 2007 and to finalize settings. We are very proud of the results of our hard work.