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How it all started

Autotehnica started in 1995 based on a dream of an ex-racing driver, dream that consisted in developing a strong racing team capable to make a diferrence in the championship. Thanks to Mr. Horia Andronic, Autotehnica was the absolut champion of  Hill Climbing races in Romania from 1996 to 2001.

2002 - 2008 Period

From 2002 untill 2008 Autotehnica was represented by a single racing driver, Mr. Paul Andronic. Although we had very good results on each race that we participated. We did not finalize the championship in a honoroble position due to financial or unexpected problems.

2008 - Present

Starting with the year 2008, we decided to bring back Autotehnica among the top competitors, where it belongs by starting a new project. Everything started with the development of a new car fully built in our workshop.

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